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07 August 2009 @ 07:42 pm
we know exactky who you are .  
so i've realized these past few days that some guys
are so purely bull shit
that they know how to look bull shit
then take it all back with more bull shit
that doesn't look like bull shit
so you think they're not bull shit ,
but then that one little slip and you realize
"holy damn , it's bull shit ."

yeah , so i've turned into a bit of a pessimist , what can you expect ? i know i usually sit here for hours on end telling what few people read this about my pointless and well-admittedly dull life . i decided i'm not going to do that this time , though i do have plenty of heart-wrenching , palm sweating stories i could tell , my life has been pretty hectic lately . i think i'm going to voice my opinions on some things and just tell you guys some straight up hardcore feelings .

i just feel like people shouldn't be judged for cutting themselves and things like that to deal with depression . sure , the scars look terrible and a feeling if shame washes over you when someone either mentions them or you can see them staring at your scars instead of talking to you . every scar for me has a story that i am not ashamed to tell . i am not proud of what they are or that they are there , but i'm not ashamed either . look at yourselves with the weed and the pills and everything else you do to get your mind off off things , why can't a fifteen year old girl cry on her bed and bleed a little bit to help calm her down so she can sleep ? i don't do it anymore , my cutting days are long long gone , but of course those scars are still there , and of course people judge me for them . i know people who cut , and you do to , whether you know it or not . it's not their job to put themselves out there . i just know because they've come up to me saying that they know i'll understand . do you want that for yourself ? do you want girls coming up to you saying that they know you'll understand why they want to die just because they see scars on your arms ? no , i don't think you do . so don't let it happen to you , don'y cut . please . i don't think you should be judged for it or anything , but i don't think you should do it .

something i feel very strongly about is telling someone you love them . it should never be used as a line or to get in someone's pants or anything . i'm a straight up prson , and there's no bull shit with me . you tell me how you feel , i tell you how i feel , you ask me a question i answer honestly . i beliave that love is not only an emotion but a state of mind . i think you can love a million people in a life time , but i think you can only fall in love a few times before it's all run out .  whatever , i can't even voice this anymore , it's stresisng me outttt .

yeah , well , okay .

bye .

Current Music: why is six aftraid of seven by before their eyes